Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Job Opportunity

I have an interview tomorrow morning with a big company downtown. It was an internal referral. A good friend of mine works in the same group and he thought I’d be a good fit. It is in an area I actually specialized in during University (although I can’t remember much of what I studied now). What an awesome position to be in, right?

No one said anything against it. It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. Except for my Ex. When I told him, he said I was unprofessional since I’ve only been at current job a very short time. I should at least stick it out and make a go of it.

I guess this is where we differ in thinking. He believes in company loyalty, sticking with it through thick and thin. I am pragmatic. I am very loyal to my company in that I’m dedicated to doing my job well and doing everything I can to help it succeed. I also know that if it makes better sense for them to let me go tomorrow, they will let me go. So similarly, if there is a good opportunity elsewhere for me, I will pursue that opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely agree that the company doesn't have long term loyalty for its workers. However, just be aware that if you make the leap, future employers will want an explanation for the short duration of your time there... (Speaking from experience).