Thursday, September 4, 2008

Need new clothes for work

I’ve been thinking on this for awhile now. In my last job I had become very lax about my appearance. Some days I’d go in wearing jeans and fleece. No one commented on it. However, I think it reflects on how seriously (or not) I take my job.

In my new job, the role is a little different. My scope is a bit wider. I’m excited because this means I can grow. I noticed that even though others are in jeans, my group and people I consider good mentors are business casual. Taking my cue from them, I want to do the same. Nothing too fancy because it might go the other way and show that I care more about my appearance than my work.

It’s going out and shop that is a problem. Previously (Before Personal Finance), I shopped regularly and filled my closet full of things I forget to wear. Now, I have purged to bare minimums. Also, I don’t shop much for myself anymore. By this I mean I help other shop, or when I was traveling to the States, Mexico, and China, I usually had a big list of things people want me to bring back.

The thought of going out there and spending time, energy, and money picking out a new wardrobe is a little overwhelming. What happened to the days when I can spend a day and power shop through to closing time? I want a personal shopper!

I think maybe if I take it a little at a time I would be better, like aiming to get one or two new items every month.


Dolly Iris said...

I know how you feel. I desperately need to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe including shoes but the process just seems so draining. Yech!

Laura said...

I completely agree with this post! I was just thinking about how at my last job, it was pyjama casual, but this job is hella-professional (don't I sound it? lol). I have been at new job for a year and basically get by on dress pants and sweaters/polo shirts. I want to start looking like I care what I put on in the morning!!! But, I have issues shopping for myself. I decided to start slow and implement one outfit at a time till my wardrobe is built up. And LouLou had a spread this month about 27 pieces=31 office outfits. I am going off the ones I liked the most as my starting point :)

PiggyBankBlues said...

i agree, a little at a time. and then seize the moment during post-holiday sales.