Friday, September 5, 2008

5% doesn’t go very far

Today I get my first full pay cheque from new job. I was excited, because my salary is 5-6% higher than my old salary. I was a little deflated after reading the pay stub. A few extra deductions here and there and the 6% RRSP match replaced by 3.5% RRSP match (which I won’t get until the vesting period is over) and I came out with less overall. Also, not reflected but related is that I had to cut back on café shift because of the work schedule.

*sigh* At least it’s the weekend.

On the upside I have so far brought my lunch every day since I started here. It really is out of necessity than anything else. However, I do feel good about it.

I track my spending weekly. It is easy to see that my weekly spending has been under budget an average of $100! Of course it is probably not all from the lunches. I’ve been leading a fairly unintentionally frugal existence since I started work. It’s been work, home, café, and a few coffee and drink dates with my friends. We went to a major show, but the ticket was paid for ages ago. I went to a fancy dinner, but someone else got the bill on account that I did last time. So….no big spending.

Much as I like the savings I’m looking forward to some fun things coming up. I’m going to a wine festival in a couple of weeks. Of course there will lots of money spent on wine and food. Then a friend is visiting. We might spend the weekend in the Rockies. Also, a couple of friends want to try out this Brazilian BBQ place in town. People walk around with meat on swords and cut whatever you want. I hear it’s really good. Although I warn you, don’t point. The first time I went for Brazilian BBQ, I tried to point out which cut and got a tiny little cut from the very sharp knives. It’s fixed price all you can eat. This way other than extras like drinks & desert I don’t have to worry about the bill.