Monday, October 27, 2008


My mid term on Saturday went well. I think I’ll be looking at an A at least. I worked two shifts at the café this weekend. They were short shifts though, which is how I like it. 4 – 6 hours of being nice to people and rushing around is about all I can take. The rest of the weekend I used to clean out my closet.

I was reading this book – I read about on SF renter. It came just in time since I was considering a wardrobe revamp to be more professional at work. It’s great for giving focus and direction in that effort. Right now I’m on Step 2- editing my closet.

I thought I had a pretty minimal closet since I’ve purged and didn’t shop much. But I realize I still buy things without a plan. Therefore, I end up with pieces that don’t go with anything else or pretty things that I only wear a few times. It’s taking a little longer than expected but I’m looking forward to the result and the next step: Filling in the gaps.


FB @ said...

That is really the key!!

Finding the pieces to bridge everything together.

I find that I'm falling into a rut and buying solid coloured tops without patterns or flair...

Esme said...

It's always good to reassess your closet once in awhile. It's an ongoing process :)