Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tax Free Savings account special

I’m sure all you savvy PF blogger/readers out there know all about the Tax free savings account that is coming 2009. I’ve been saving up for it. Come Jan 1, I will be opening that account right away. Or will I?

I just saw this promotion on ING. You can open your account now, and they will double the interest you earn to even out the taxes you will have to pay between now and Dec 31. That’s pretty sweet. Then come Jan 1, 2009 they will automatically transfer your account into a tax free savings account.

Especially since the banks just announced a rate cut today. Soon that interest rate on our savings account will come down even further. We need to maximize what we get out of our savings.

If you are opening an ING account for the first time, consider using my orange key: 14795960S1 and both of us get $13 each.


FB @ said...

Not a bad idea. When I head back to T-Dot I may just do that! I'll use your ING # too :)

Esme said...

Thanks FB. I opened on for my dad. He never had an account before so he had to call in. It took forever! Apparently lots of people are opening this TFSA :)