Friday, November 21, 2008


Thanks all for your advice on my last post. Funnily, I told two of my friends and they said the same thing. Maybe not so funny, since I've been so use to all this weirdness that I couldn't see that the best thing is to give my aunt the money directly.

To be fair to my mother, she really does genuinely love my sister and I. She's been doing things this way since before I was born. Change is hard. Harder since she thinks she's doing what's best for everyone, which means anything I try to tell her is just me being childish and stubborn. I guess sometimes parents can't see their children as adults.

Anyway, I'm glad that I can help my aunt. $20K is a major set back in my plans. And a lot of money especially when I think about $5 pay per posts or $9/hour coffee pouring I do so I can save extra money. But I'm grateful that at least I am capable of helping her when she needs me. Worse would be not having anything to give her.

Have a good weekend everyone!


FB @ said...

Maybe you don't have to give it all at once so that it's not that hard on you? Maybe like $2000/month??

So that it depletes slowly and isn't a big cheque at once?

Just thinking.

MissGoldBug said...

I read your last few posts regarding helping your Aunt. That is a very generous and unbelievable gift you are going to give! I am glad to hear that you will be giving your Aunt the money to help her float for the time she takes off for school-DIRECTLY!

Your family sounds like they have had a rather "interesting" relationship with money. Kudos to you for managing to not get caught up in that mess... It is impressive you have done so well!

Is there anyway you can discuss this financial payment more in depth with your Aunt? I don't quite understand why your Mother is meddling and bargaining with you over how much you should give her. It is YOUR money and YOU decide when and how much you give to anyone!

Honestly, do you even know for sure that she needs that much? Have you seen a budget to know that this cash will be wisely used? Is there any plan for repayment? Just a few questions I would have before I signed anything.

Seriously though, congratulations on arriving at a place in your life where you can help those who helped you. I hope it all works out for the best.

For what its worth,


Anonymous said...

Once you talk to your Aunt, you'll know how to best help her (lump sum vs. instalments).

Looks like your breaking the cycle of how your family deals with money.