Monday, November 10, 2008

Dollar Store shopping

I’ve been to dollar stores and made dollar store purchases. However, for some reason they are not on my regular list of places to visit when I need to buy something. This weekend, because I forgot one of my clocks forward an hour, I had some extra time to kill before an appointment.

I had a choice of killing time at the grocery store, 2 dollar stores, and a liquor store. I went into the first dollar store. I was surprised by the large number of shoppers. This store was huge as well. Anyway, as I walked through the aisles I found a lint brush and couple of boxes to organize my scarves and hats in. I’ve been needing these things for awhile now. It just didn’t occur to me to look for these things in a dollar store, until I saw them on the shelves.

Point of this post is that dollar stores are great. They carry a variety of stuff and most things are…a dollar! Yes some things are not great quality, but don’t really matter for things like boxes and lint brush.


Mademoiselle & her Journey said...

They are cheap and it's nice to visit the $ store! :)