Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thrift and Cosignment

I am in Step 3 of my wardrobe edit now – filling in the gaps. Remember in my previous post I wrote about including consignment stores on the list of places to shop for the missing pieces? I’ve been, and I love them. Because they have things that are different and interesting. Whereas in shops everything look similar according to what’s in this season.

I have this friend. She always seems to find great stuff thrift shopping. Not consignment store shopping, where prices are 50% or whatever, but thrift shopping where you buy a shirt for $4.

They usually look great on her. I tried it before, but always find these places a little daunting. But bolstered by my good experience at consignment stores, I thought I was ready to give it another go. I went into a thrift store last night.

I’m going to say thrift store shopping for clothes is a talent I don’t have. Thrift stores will be reserved for buying things other than clothes. Consignment stores, however, I will now permanently add to the list of places to shop.