Saturday, November 8, 2008

How am I doing?

I've been catching up on my blog readings. This link at My Open Wallet popped out at me: 6 financial milestones before 30.

30 seem to be a big deal for many people. It is for me too. It seems to be the natural deadline for 20-somethings. I remember something about wanting to visit all the continents before I turn 30 (Antarctica is still to go). So I was filled with anticipation and curiosity in those few seconds it took me to click on the link and load the page.

How am I doing so far?

Not bad actually.

Milestone #1 Scale back the credit cards. Done.
Milestone #2 Own a home – or have a plan. Done. Have a plan.
Milestone#3 Have skills. Working on it.
Milestone#4 Give money away. Done.
Milestone#5 Know thyself. Getting there.
Milestone#5 Know smart people. Working on it.

3 out of 6. Not too shabby. However, this list is not simply a to do list that I can tick off a task and never think about it again. It requires vigilance. Credit cards can increase if I don’t pay attention to my spending. Similarly, home buying plans and charitable donations can go off track if I don’t assess it once in awhile.


Mademoiselle & her Journey said...

3 out of 6 is still good too:)
I keep my fingers crossed for you ;)