Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bad

Yesterday I posted about all the good stuff I did as a money conscious PF blogger. Today I have to write about the bad.

First I was too busy (maybe a little lazy) and didn’t return my books to the library. My fines are now at $7. Completely defeats the purpose of saving money by going to the library.

Then I didn’t have enough time to make anything to bring for two of the Christmas dinners. So I spent way too much buying bakery and wine.

Lots of my friends from Europe made it home for Christmas. This last couple of weeks, I’ve been going out for dinner and drinks a lot. I haven’t been tracking what the damage is but it’s pretty bad.

Also because it’s the holidays we get a little break at work, which means we are going out for lunch everyday.

I don’t feel too bad about all this though. It’s the holidays, and I spent it being social. But I’m going back on the frugal wagon in January.