Monday, December 29, 2008

The good

Did everyone enjoy Christmas? Mine was great. I had three Christmas dinner/parties. Christmas day was great. Nothing was open so I got to sit around at home without feeling guilty for not using my time better. Then Boxing day I worked at the café to keep myself out of trouble (i.e. those boxing day sales). Actually I worked Saturday and Sunday as well.

In my free moment I also listed my text book from the last class on sale. Remember this post where I looked at which one is better, buying new then selling back to the book store or buying used from the bookstore and maybe selling it later.

I just sold my book. The guy picked it up after work today. After calculation I saved 66% of the new value of the book. I doubt the bookstore buys back text books at 66% of the original value.

Also, I sold a DVD TV series, which I mailed out Christmas Eve.

This post is about the good me this Christmas. Next post I will write about the bad me.