Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fourth Quarter Goals Check

It's December. We are in the last stretch of the year, and I thought it’s a good time to check up on those New Year’s resolutions I made. Also because I think I’m actually on track so far.

Goal #1 is to achieve 100K net worth. This I achieved mid-year. I’ve been steadily saving since then, so even with the market fluctuations I’m still good for that 100K goal.

Goal #2 to have more of a career path or find satisfaction in my current job. I think this is it. I’m going to do my best to make this one work.

Goal #3 to lead a healthier life (lose five pounds). I’m working on it. I’ve been eating healthier by bringing my own lunches. Now with the new job I walk to work everyday. It is a good 30 minutes walk each way. Also, with the money I save on gas ($80/month) I’m going to join the gym that’s right next to us. Things are on track for the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Good work on your goals! That's great that you made you retirement goals. It's hard to do this year.

Esme said...

Moving on Up! you are right. This year hasn't been easy on the retirement funds. Feels like what I put in couldn't keep up with the decrease in value because of what's going in on the stock markets. But the good thing about retirement is that I can tell myself that it's a long term investment and short term fluctuations shouldn't bother me. Now I just have to learn not to check those accounts too often...