Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keep my barista job?

Lately I've only been working one shift at the cafe on weekends. With my job now I just can't take on evening shifts, and I need at least one day on the weekend to run errands etc.

This means there is very little time for anything else. My friends are telling me to quit. I'd have a lot more relaxed weekends if I quit. But on the other hand, it's nice spending money and I know I would be bored after the first few weekends free.

I keep going back and forth. I've no idea what to do.


Asphodel said...

Can we swap jobs please?

Anonymous said...

just so you know, ever since your posts quite a while ago, I've been careful to always tip a loonie whenever I buy a coffee. Actually, that's served the dual purpose of a little nudge on the price of buying coffee out v. making it myself, so it's been good for me too!

Esme said...

Sorry, I decided to keep being a barista :)

You are making some barista's day :)