Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend I spent with Sis and Bil, who were visiting for the weekend.

Sis wanted to buy some purses and jewelry because all of those were taken when her place was broken into. Instead of hitting the mall, I took them to consignment stores. We hit five, conveniently within walking distance of each other. Bil found a really nice shirt for like $6. But his favorite buy is an Armani silk tie he found for $18. Sis found some great brands too. She didn't end up getting anything, but she's pretty psyched about visiting more consignment stores in her city.

She even more excited about find estate sales in her city. There just happen to be one going on this weekend, so I drove them by to have a look. They had a lot of fun looking at the stuff people collected. This home owner is a model train lover and had a huge track complete with miniature towns etc. We also saw some nice furniture and crystal, but nothing that we needed.

That's one thing that I'm really proud of Sis for. It's so easy to see a really good deal and want to buy it right away, even though it might not fit perfectly (like a shirt), or you don't really need it (like another dining table). But she didn't. Good for her.