Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Negative spending day!?

Yesterday, not only did I not spend money, I got money back! Pretty sweet right? Here is how it happened.

Remember that sweater I bought? It was this light grey color. I love grey, which is why my closet is full of greys and I thought I should try another color. I took it to the store, hoping to exchange it but they were all out of other colors in my size. I did notice that instead of the 30% off I got last week, the sweater is now 40% off. I talked to the salesperson, and got a price adjustment. Voila, got $5 back.

Because of this side trip I went to class a little later than usual. I wasn't late. It just meant that instead of getting there 45minutes before class, I got there 10 minutes before class started. This was my last class before exam on Saturday, so there was no new material. The lecturer just gave us a quick review and list of questions to do in the text. It was over in less than an hour. Know what that meant? It meant I could use the same train ticket to get home (it's good for an hour and half). I saved about $2.

I know it's peanuts that I got back. But saving money is like a sport to me. And when I do it with little effort and unexpectedly it's even more enjoyable. Strangeness, I know.


FB @ said...

I feel the exact same way. Ahh... negative spending :) That and my closet is also filled with grey

Jerry said...

Heck, that's a cool day! I love when I get unexpected returns like that, it leads things the right direction in the bank account. You can toss that extra money into savings, or an annuity of some sort, or even just hold it in a mason jar for a rainy day. Way to go!