Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You got a long ways to go babe

Sometimes when I am with one group of people for so long, I lose a little perspective. Here I was thinking things are great. I have the right attitude and skills for my job. I’m doing quite well. Then chance injects someone into my normal group of people for gauging my development and makes me realize:” You’ve got a long way to go, Esme.”

We were introducing a few new processes. Both Pete (he's my age too) and I had a training session planned this week. I did mine first. It went pretty well. My power points were good, the information was just right, and I fielded a bunch of questions.

Then Pete did his yesterday. In terms of presenting we are pretty on par with each other. But his powerpoints took professional to a different level. I guess that's the difference between our backgrounds. Anyway, now I've seen and will use some of his techniques for next time.

I’m not mad, jealous or anything like that. I’m glad that I didn’t get too full of myself and realize there is more room for improvement. How scary would it be to be at the top of my game in my 20s and not learning anything more for the next 40 years?


Jerry said...

Don't sweat it... it's good to have things to aspire to, and it leads us to not get too full of ourselves. Plus, I'm sure that you have other attributes that are more advanced than his, and vice versa. We all need some insurance that we can grow and develop, and you're right, what would we have to work on if we were maxed out at age 20? =)