Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been bad with posting this week, because I've been busy. Here are a couple of things of note this week.

My coworkers from my previous job who were schedule to be laid off this summer are going through their transition training right now. I did this in August and wrote about them here, here and here. There is a part where you ask people you worked with what they think your strengths and weaknesss are. It's a good way to assess what you are good at, and important to know if you are going to use that person as a reference. So I got asked to do a couple of those. I'd recommend anyone looking for a job to do it. You may learn something new about yourself. Also, you really need to know what your references will say about you before use them as references.

Then my Senior Project Manager from the job I was at for a couple of months before I switched to my current job sent me an e-mail. I think he was trying to see if I wanted to come back as a project manager. I briefly thought about it. Because it would mean a lot more money than what I am getting now. Also, I'd be a big fish in a small pond instead of a small fish in a big pond. Only briefly though. Because my current job is the first job where I didn't learn everything I need to know within the first 2 months and spend the rest of the time being bored out of my mind. It's really important to me that I enjoy my job.

Another thing to consider is that it's a very small company. Small companies usually have cash flow limitations and it's especially hard with the current economy to get credit. I don't think I'd feel as secure.