Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Blues

When I lived in Sydney Australia, I was a poor student who shared a house with 5 other people. My window, which is huge and lets in lots of light, was directly across from my neighbor's. We were so close that I learnt a lot about them even though we didn't meet.

They were drama students at my school. Mostly importantly, this one guy always has music on, and has the uncanny talent of playing just the right songs to match my mood.

I miss those cloudy, grey Sunday afternoons when he played something jazzy while I lazed around my room.

It's been a long time since I have the luxury of having my own space. What had been a temporary arrangement to save rent on a place I barely lived in, has stretched to over a year now. I had thought of getting my own place again when I stopped travelling for work. But the practical side of me won out. The parents were happy because this is their way of helping me with my first home purchase short of giving me money, which is something I cannot accept.

*sigh* For now I guess I have the music on my Zune and a very cute cafe next door where I can go for those grey, cloudy weekend afternoons.