Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally some shopping action

When I last blogged about this, I had sold nothing new at my fave consignment shop. I went by last Saturday to drop off a couple of things, and found out that I sold an additional $30 of stuff. Considering that I get 40% of the sales price, that’s $75 worth of stuff.

I dropped off a couple pairs of jeans. Also, Sis wanted me to consign a bridesmaid dress of hers. So far no one wanted to consign those. I was talking to the owner about this and she suggested re-styling it. She has this seamstress who runs workshops on how to re-style things. That’s why it’s one of my fave consignment shops. She has a website, a newsletter to update me on what's going on, and interest workshops.

Also, this store fulfills a few other important qualities I look for in a consignment store. If you are looking for a store, you might want to consider these characteristics as well.

How are the items presented? You don’t want a jam packed store where the shopper is overwhelmed by the shear amount of stuff and your item gets overlooked in the clutter. In my fave place, everything is nicely presented and the inventory is regularly purged of stale items.

How do you get your money? Some stores requires a minimum amount before you can withdraw or you can only withdraw after so much time etc. It’s too restrictive for me. I prefer being able to cash out at any amount and at any time.

How convenient is it to consign your items? Some places won’t take consignment on weekends. Some places require appointments and not on weekends if you have large number of items. This wouldn’t work for me as I only consign on weekends, without planning ahead of time, sometimes with a season’s worth of stuff which I just purged.


AllieInTheCity said...

Interesting... I've never considered consigning my clothes. Great tips! Thanks!