Monday, March 9, 2009


One of the things I compromised when I took this job is the lack of bonus. In my previous jobs bonuses are expected quarterly. It was part of the salary discussion. I knew this going in. No biggie. I've had this whole pros and cons thing when I decided to take this job.

I love it so far. I'm busier than ever, but not a stressed busy just a the-day-flies-by kind of busy.

But this morning the manager gave me a cheque. Not a bonus but something about the company decided to reward everyone for a good quarter. Not a lot. Less than $500 and even less after taxes. Still it's a nice surprise. I'm going to put some towards my funds, but I will wait for my next paycheque. It's easier to work out how much extra I have after pay day.

However, I do have $5 courtesy surveys to put towards the travel fund.