Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gardening on my mind

I had the radio on while I was working around the house today. The gardening show was back on again, which reminded me of what I intended to do this spring.

Almost every years since I've been back from Australia and live closer to Sis I drive up in early summer to help her plant flowers. It usually happens that I'd be visiting and we'd realize that it was summer and all her neighborhood except the few (her house included) have the front gardens planted. Then we'd spend about $100-$200 that weekend buying flowers and supplies to plant her front and back garden.

Being the budget conscious PF blogger last year, I thought how much cheaper it'd be if we had the foresight to buy seeds and grow the flowers indoors a couple of months ahead of time and then transplanting them when the weather gets warmer. I'm going to start looking into this.

Flickr photo from Vicki's Nature