Friday, March 6, 2009

One Week

It’s feels like ages since I had the chance to post. Work and training has kept me busy. I did have a little time to do something fun this week though. I went to the free screening of One Week Thursday night.

It was a great movie. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s about this young man played by Joshua Jackson. He goes on a road trip on this antique motorbike after he finds out he has cancer. It’s about him reflecting on his life so far while he travels across Canada. The scenery is beautiful. The music is great. As I was enjoying the movie, I thought how much better a movie can be when the music is just right. It’s also something about a road trip. The amazing self awareness that happens when you are all alone on the road.

There were parts where it was a little cliche. But very few and I guess to be expected given the context of the story.

I really liked this movie. Watch it. But be prepared. You might want to go on a roadtrip after. I know I did.


Anonymous said...

I saw the trailers for that before I left Vancouver. I *so* hope it makes it up to Yellowknife. I bet the cinematography was fabulous. And I'm always happy for some Canadianna in the movie houses! Glad you liked it.