Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cell phone offer #2

After talking to Bil who informed me that a data plan is different from a mobile browser and I might not actually get much out of unlimited mobile browser, I decided to visit a Bell store during lunch. I didn’t let on that I am a current Bell customer and here is what I was offered.

The voice plan is still the same. $17.30 for unlimited evenings and weekends start at 6pm and 250 daytime minutes. In addition I get the $35 data plan, including Call ID, voicemail, and 500MB download for $20.

Pretty good. If he’s willing to give me this as a new customer, I should be able to get a better deal with customer retention.

However, as I was walking back to work, I considered the idea of a $40+ monthly bill (after system access fee), I wondered if I really need the data plan. I am pretty connected to the Internet as is with work and home wireless networks. Things would be cheaper if I get a voice plan plus some kind of text package.

I did a little Internet research found out a couple of things. That the system access fee for the $17.30 plan is only $6.95 instead of the regular $8.95. Also, that I could probably live with the Fun 10 or Fun 15, which gives me a set number of text messages instead of the unlimited text offered in Fun 20.

It also helps to check out the competition. So I planned to drop by Rogers after work to see what I can get and then call Bell again.