Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Air Canada Mess

Hmmm... be warned this is a bit of a rant.

My last post I was waiting at the Maple Leaf lounge for my 11am flight. Since then I've had three very frustrating conversations with the Air Canada personnel. Gotten home an hour later than scheduled (if I didn't have those conversations it was going to be 3 hours later). Paid $11 for airport parking for the person who came to pick me up because I was so late. He also wasted an additional hour (could've been 3) waiting around.

What happened? They canceled my flight. This also happened on the way to Vancouver, making me miss the ferry for Victoria. Being in the airport from 6am on, no one informed me until I went to the gate to board at 10am. They made no attempted to contact me. Instead they put me on a 2pm flight, when there is also a 12pm flight, and a 1pm flight. Apparently my time is not at all important.

Funny thing is it would have all been avoided if they allowed me to go on stanby at the 6am flight as requested. There was plenty of room. But they wouldn't let me unless I pay $50.

They also said it's not their fault because they want to make sure all aircrafts are 100%. How very assuring. I'm glad to know that out of the 2 flights I took in the last 12 months, both planes were deemed not fit to fly on the day of the flight.

When I asked to make an official compliant, apparently there was no way I could do it until I get home and go on the website.

When I first heard about this bill to protect the rights of airline consumers, I thought it would allow people to gouge the airlines for money. I wasn't really supportive of it. However, after being through this twice in the last 5 days, and being told by everyone there is nothing I could do, I see it differently. Either they become more accountable, or there should be legislation to make them more accountable.


Mary Beth said...

I just stumbled across you blog this morning, and "Air Canada Mess" intrigued me right away.

I had a terrible first time encounter with Air Canada a few years ago and haven't used them since. Essentially, our flight was cancelled from LAX so we missed our connecting flight to London and when they put us on a different flight we missed THAT connecting flight as well. Hours upon hours were spent in the airport. It was brutal for my first trip to Europe... not to mention they weren't sorry for any of the mix ups.

I definitely feel for you. Feel free to keep ranting! I know I still complain about Air Canada to this day.

JamsWife said...

Ahhhh I hate that! It was soooo much better years ago when they would let you switch flights without a hassel or extra fees! I usually don't fly air canada becuase of past experiences with them (and they are usually more expensive too). Make sure you write them, here is hoping you at leasg get a credit to a future flight!

Jessie said...

wow... that sounds really frusterating!