Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sisters with free passes

It was a great weekend in Victoria.  Yesterday, we took the ferry over and stayed by the Vancouver airport so Sis and Bil can catch the 6am flight back.  My flight wasn't until 11am - one of the happy perks of booking flights on points.  However, looking online I see there were plenty of seats available on same flight but at 6am.  I thought I'd try and get on standby.
Know what's another 'perk' of booking flights on points?  Even though there is plenty of room, you have to pay $50 to get on that flight.  Yet, they could totally bump me off my flight, which is what happend on the way here.  Joys of Aeroplan points.
I was looking forward to 6 hours of wandernig around the airport.  But Sis, because she flies a lot, had complimentary passes to the Maple Leaf Lounge.  We figure if there ever was a time to use one, this was that time.  It's nice to have sisters who have passes to the Maple leaf lounge.  I found a nice little couch with foot rest to have a nap.  Got up and had some toast and tea for breakfast.  Now I am blogging on their complimentary web access.  Seriously, though, I'd still trade if Sis can work/travel less and have more time.