Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Preparation

The warm weather has finally hit my part of the country. All the green grass, blue sky, and sunshine, means it's time to break out the summer attire. This also means I need to find a cheap dry cleaner to clean my winter coats, sweaters, pants, scarves, and miscellaneous winter attire. Then I can pack them away and bring out the summer stuff.

I think I will need to do something similar to my Fall closet clean up. Overview my summer wardrobe, keep the good, donate or consign the bad, and make a list of what I need and slowly fill in the gaps with quality new stuff. I have a feeling my summer stuff need more work than my winter stuff. In the winter, I am mostly pants and tops. However, in the summer, there are skirts, dresses, short, capri and other length of pants. My problem: my tops, although they work will with pants and the likes, usually don't work with my skirts.

Right now, my room is a mess because there is winter and summer stuff all over the place. I am looking forward to having a organize room, and not spend 15minutes figuring out what to wear again.