Friday, May 29, 2009

Accommodations for the July road trip

While I was stuck in the airport in Vancouver last week, I made use of my time by finding out about accommodations for our July road trip to Okanagan Wine valley.  We decided we'd like to stay in Penticton. Hotels and accommodations are pretty pricey that time of the year.  So we were also considering camping and hostelling.  I found out from the accommodation guide there is an Hostel International hostel in Penticton.


Today I gave them a call.  I manage to reserve 3 beds in a 4-bed room.  This means it will be the three of us in the room and possibly another girl we don't know – not a big deal.  It comes to $26 per person per night.  This total is $156 for three of us for two days.  Considering that's how much we were looking at paying for a hotel room per night it's pretty good.  We are paying a little premium compared to putting up our own tents, but then we don't have to put up our own tents.

I love summertime and road trips!  Have a good weekend all.


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