Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The search continues

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  But since condos are moving so fast, I decided to rev up things on my end.  I prefer an organized search, so I keep a spreadsheet of all the listings I've looked at online and from my realtor.  The ones online I send to my realtor for more information, which are all entered into the spreadsheet.  Information such as price, date built, condo fees, location etc.  Then I separate into sections such as those I've eliminated with the information sent by my agent, those I've seen, and those which have been sold or terminated etc.  I also try to group them by neighbourhood for easier comparisons. 


This weekend I was looking at properties both days.  I looked at a total of 11 properties.  Nothing yet.

Sis came with me to see the places because she was in town for father's day.  Funnily enough, she saw a couple that she was interested in as investment property.  I talked her out of it but that's another blog post - it's coming.