Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiffany & Co.

I don't have expensive taste...usually. But I went shopping with a friend of mine, whose taste is. Since I was there, I tried a few things on. I really, really like the medium Sterling silver Elsa Peretti Bean pendant. It's very simple and elegant.

Since I started working, I wanted to treat myself to a nice piece of jewelery to signify my transition into a responsible adult. I know that was awhile back, but I never could find the right one. I think this is it though.

However, it almost feel a little anticlimactic to just go out and buy it. So I am going to put a little PF blogger/woman-on-health-kick twist to it.

The bean is $280. For every time I bring my lunch and skip going out for lunch at work, I will put $2 (a toonie) in the Tiffany jar. For every time, I go out for a run I will put another toonie in the jar. Progress bar is going up. I'm excited.


Ginger said...

Esme I think that is a FANTASTIC idea!

This way you're doing so much good for yourself and your pocketbook, while still attaining the treat that you want.

I'm impressed :) Good on ya!

Canadian Saver said...

I did a search and it is a very nice piece! Great idea to save for it !!