Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phone troubles

My cell phone broke. The screen has gone and only a couple of months after I bought it new. I wasn't really worried though because it's still under warranty. However, I have to comment on the horrible customer service I received from Bell.

I walked in, and all I got was a look. Finally, I had to approach them and ask for help. I made sure to let them know that I've only had the phone for 2 months. He looked at the phone for 2 minutes and said it's broken (no kidding?). I can send it in to be fixed. In the mean time I can get a loaner phone for $20 dollars. How long before I get my phone back? Could be 6 weeks. I was not impressed. He told me "well that's your only option. Take it or leave it".

I walked out of there seriously doubting my choice to stay with Bell. I finally found a good sales person at another store. He looked up my account (what sales person #1 should have done) and saw that I was under warranty. He gave me a loaner for free, because I was under warranty. Then he told me I should have my phone back soon because the repair center is in BC.


JamsWife said...

Ahhh Bell... the only service we have left with them is our cell phones, because they gave us such a good deal when we renewed our contract. But their service sucks, one of the many trade offs in life