Monday, July 6, 2009

Price drop

Guess what?  The condo that I decided not to buy last time?  Just dropped 15K in price.  Give the amount of activity I've seen, it's unusual.  I guess everyone else felt the same way as I did about it.


About that second place I short listed last week.  I decided against it as well.  It's a reasonably priced unit in a four-plex.  The main reason I decided against it is because of the management.  It has a 'condo fee'.  However, it does not cover any of the regular stuff it should cover like landscaping, snow shovelling, exterior maintenance and professional management.  When I was there, it didn't look like the other residents were taking care of their space.  So without professional management, I'd have to work with my neighbours directly on repairs.  Seeing how much work it is to get things done with a condo board, I find this lack of structure and definition even more daunting.


I saw another 5 more listings this weekend.  There is one I am mildly interested in. But there is another few listings I'd like to see and compare before I decide how much I like it.


nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

I saw at least 20 places before I found the one I wanted - and I recognized, almost instantly, that I wanted it. I put it an offer and it was refused to my disappointment. I put in an offer on a similar unit in the same building, and when the original guy heard -- he changed his mind and accepted my unit. I moved in 3 months later and loved my little place with all my heart.

Keep looking til you find the one that's Right.For.You.
Have fun, and I really hope you find a place that delights you the way mine delighted me.