Friday, August 21, 2009

Good idea to save water

With all this condo hunting, my mind is very much on monthly utility costs these days. Also, it doesn't help that on the news they are talking about rising cost of heating and other utilities like water and electricity. Plus I am always up for ways we can conserve and help the environment.

So it's no surprise this article caught my eye. Most of the ideas listed I am already aware of. But this 'tank bank' thing is new. We have 3 bathrooms. I always said that the next time we renovate we will put in those toilets that have two types of flushes: big and small. But that isn't until we renovate. So until then the tank bank can help to reduce our usage. I've already looked them up online at our local green store, and they carry it! I will drop by tomorrow to pick up three, maybe more if I could get buy in from Sis and Bil.