Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Offer on a condo

Last night I put in an offer for a condo.  Eeeek!  It's not perfect, but out of all of the ones I've seen (that's a lot at least 30) it has most of what I am looking for.  My agent and I both agreed it's over priced.  However, her estimate of reasonable price is about $5K more than my estimate of reasonable price.  I showed her my calculations and convinced her of my price.  Hey I took business and accounting classes just for fun, it wasn't hard to do.  Also, the client is always right.  However, I wanted to walk her through and get her on-board.  After all she is going to be my negotiator here.


It is then a big gap between asking and what I'm willing to pay we need to close.  We will hear from them sometime today.  So it's time to wait.  I am freaking out.  I also have a second listing I like so all is not lost if we don't get this one.  Doesn't keep me from getting cold feet and freaking out every 30 seconds though.