Monday, August 31, 2009

P & R (productive and relaxing)

This weekend I did some more de-cluttering.  It's amazing.  I thought I was done with de-cluttering.  Yet by the end of it, I dropped off another bag of stuff at the local thrift store, and a few things at my consignment store.  While at the consignment store I cashed out from my previous sales: $58.  But my next stop at Staples costs me about $58.  So it's even. 


When it comes to paper with my information on it, I've been just tearing them up by hand.  One day when I was clearing up some old papers, I ended up with a pile (like a year's worth of pay stubs and statements).  I decided it's time to invest in a shredder.  So I bought a shredder from Staples.  It's a cross-cut shredder so it shreds everything into tiny pieces I couldn't have done by hand.  It does 6 sheets at a time, so I was done in no time.


Other than that, I hung out with my friend who was back from Norway.  We tried Frisbee golf.  It was really fun.  It was free too because the course is in a public park on a island (beautiful views of the city and river).  My right arm really hurts though from the Frisbee throwing.


Then I tried some cooking since I was the only one home.  Everyone cooks really well in my family, so I cook when I'm the only one eating it (otherwise I get all sorts of advice on how to make it better).