Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrifty takes a holiday

These last few years of being saving every little bit I can, and taking on part-time jobs, doing surveys, and a long list of other things make extra money, I was working towards something – a place to call my own.  Yet now I feel stalled.  It's been months of looking and I am still without a property.  It's hard not to be frustrated.


I find it hard to be excited about saving lately.  I have been waiting all this time for the huge reward (a condo), which is just too much build up.  I need a break.


Don't worry.  This doesn't mean that I'm going to recklessly spend, spend, spend.  However, I recognize that I am lucky in many ways.   I'm lucky to have my down payment and a good emergency fund saved now.  I lucky to have a job I enjoy and pays decent so I can have a regular savings plan.  For the next little while I just want to leave things on auto pilot and enjoy.


I'm sure I'll still have plenty to post about because after all what in life doesn't require money.  But thrifty is going to take a little holiday.