Sunday, February 21, 2010

My wallet

I had a bad scare this weekend. I thought I'd lost my wallet. Since I was all over the place, I spent Saturday afternoon retracing my steps.

While trying to find my wallet, I was thinking of all the things I'd have to do if I had lost my wallet. I'd have to deal with two credit cards, two debit cards, driver's license, gym card, library card etc.

Without thinking about the nightmare of someone finding it and going on a spending spree, I was already out $359.

- $35 cash
- Various gift cards I've been given as house warming ( $20 Canadian tire, $60 Crate and Barrel, $50 Ikea, $25 Sears, $100 The Bay, $30 Esso
- $22 to replace driver's license
- $17 to replace library card
- 1 Movie ticket
- 2 Bus tickets

It was a great relieve finally finding my wallet wedged between the sofa and side table at my parents' place. This situation has gotten me thinking about paring down what I carry in my wallet. I've been carrying all this stuff in case I would need it while I'm out. But with a little planning I can have a small amount of cards I always carry (Driver's license, a credit card, and a debit cad) and add what I need for the day before I leave the house. This will minimize the impact if I did lose my wallet.