Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buried under work

There's been some changes at work. Good for me because it means more responsibility and visibility. But I'm in that period where I'm trying to hand off my old responsibilities while taking on the new ones at the same time.

This should be easy as the person I'm handing it off to is pretty experienced coming into the job. All I have to do is teach him our processes and done. Not so. I found him especially resistant, questioning every little thing I tell him. Sometimes I feel he walked away from our conversation not believing a word I said. Oddly enough the questions he should ask, he didn't. As result there were a number of fires to put out.

I was working nights and weekends trying to catch up on all my work. I think finally I reached the breaking point last Wednesday due to lack of sleep (I was called at 3am for something and had a million things to do that day). After talking to a couple of people one of them finally said something I've been avoiding: this man would not treat me this way if I were older and a man. They encouraged me to talk to our boss. I didn't really want to because I felt it is mean and I'd be admitting failure in a way. I finally had to talk to him because I think he got wind of what's happening so it's better that I talk to him.

He understood. I worked for him almost 2 years, so he knows I do good work and I never like to bad mouth anyone. He's going to talk to him. I don't know how this is going to turn out. Because I observed that this person gets quite defensive. When something goes wrong his first response it to make sure people know it's not his fault, not how he can fix the problem. So I don't think he'd take this well.

So that's the story behind why this blog went unupdated this last little while. Nothing much happening on the personal finance front. My #1 goal is to build a RRSP portfolio with ETFs. The first step: Research.


Rhona said...

I totally understand. We are going thru some stuff at work and handing off accounts is a huge problem. People are bitter about a few things so they are taking the changes a bit harsh. Good luck.