Thursday, April 29, 2010

A beautiful wedding ...with a surprise

One of my best friends got married last weekend.  I was a bridesmaid.  It was a beautiful wedding, with some really touching speeches at the reception.
I've decided that being a bridesmaid is only for those who are really good friends.  The bride relies on her friends to make sure everything is perfect for her big day.  The bridesmaid are there to be at the beck and call for the bride.  To run any errands, help shop, check out wedding venues, throw an amazing bachelorette, tell her she looks beautiful and it's natural to be a little bridezilla on her big day, to hold her purse and make-up during the photo session, and anything else that needs to be done to ensure a perfect day.

I think after I finished my post wedding day errands, I went home and slept for 10 hours straight.  It isn't cheap either.  I had a quick look at how much everything cost me.  I think spent a total of $800 and 2 days vacation.  But really for my friend's special day, I can't really complain.
But here is the surprise....... 

We found out during the reception that they've been married for 2 years already!  Yep.  No one knew except for the parents.  Even the siblings were surprised.  Shocker!


Anonymous said...

My parents are ministers and they did a big wedding one January at Casa Loma in Toronto. The bride and groom were both accountants so they had actually gone and gotten married on December 31, to improve their tax situation!!!
2 years though - wow!