Monday, May 14, 2012

Springtime planting plans

My friend S and I are getting our community garden plot again this year.  Already, we are planning what to plant.  Like the newbies we are, last year we planted a plot of lettuce and carrots.  First we couldn't get through the lettuce fast enough, then they got destroyed by the hail storm, then some of the carrots which we were waiting to harvest at the end of the season got stolen.  I learnt that planting is like investing.  You need to diversify your plants so they don't get destroyed by a random event all at once.  Also, ladder the date your plants bare fruit, so you are not eating too much lettuces the first bit, have nothing in the middle, and all carrots at the very end.

I decided to also do a little planting on my balcony.  I noticed the balcony is a little bare compared to my neighbors.

However, to maximize my time and efforts, instead of planting flowers I'm planting strawberries.  They are perennials so it's a one time investment and hopefully it'll keep growing back next year.  Also, I am in love with the strawberry pots.