Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cash converters - a new discovery

I discovered this by accident, but I've been telling everyone about it.  It's a pawn shop, except it's a franchise and run like a consignment store for electronics, jewelry, sporting equipment, tools, etc.  I found it just in the nick of time.  When Beau was moving out of his place, he had a lot of electronics, DVDs, and games.  Most of the stuff he no longer wanted to keep, but storing it meant money.  He was putting a 3000 sqft home into storage, whatever he can avoid storing meant money savings.  Selling every item on Kijiji would have taken longer than the mere 2 weeks he had to move out.  He was considering recycling and/or junking the stuff.  But he's dating me now, and I don't give up that easily.

I thought I just take a couple boxes of his stuff to cash converters and see what they'll take.  Also, while there I took a look around the shop to get an idea of what else they would likely buy.  Turned out they ended up taking most of the stuff I brought in that day, and on a subsequent couple of trips.  Of course the money we got wasn't nearly as much as we would have gotten selling on Kijiji, but like I said, we were out of time.

For those of you who are selling your house and not taking a lot of the furniture or other things with you, consider an open house sale.  I heard someone who did that and thought it was a great idea.  They marked all the stuff they wanted to sell in their home, posted an open house on Kijiji for a set date(giving out the address to only those who are emailed about coming), and tried to sell most of the stuff on that day.  This saves a lot of time compared to setting time up with each buyer who is only interested in one piece, but is cheaper than having an estate sale company run it.