Thursday, May 17, 2012

When boy and girl move in

Three months ago, Beau sold his house. It was a bit sudden and things happened all at once. So that big deal that you make over moving in together? Didn't happen. Not going to lie. I was a little bummed about it. Beau knows but what can you do? We were both so busy at the time.

Anyway, it's been three months. Time just flew by. Right now we are going through that stage. That stage I thought we would never go through because we are both so easy going (apparently not so much when it comes to our living space). The stage where little habits drive each other crazy like not putting the cap on the toothpaste, not doing the dishes right after dinner, bringing in junk food into the house, watching TV in the bedroom and on and on. I never want to be the kind of person who goes on and on and make all sorts of rules. But my home is my sanctuary and it's hard dealing with another person in it all the time.

The childish side of me just don't want to deal. When he finds his place, he'll move out and we'll go back to fun sleep overs. But if this relationship is to grow and go somewhere (I hope it does), we'd have to communicate and work through these things.