Friday, September 28, 2012

A House for Us

It is an exciting day today.  Beau got his mortgage approved for the place he wants to buy.  This means he can waive all the conditions.  He will get the house mid-October, do some minor renovations to the upstairs, and move in around November probably.  It has not been easy leaving in a small one bedroom with two people, and packing boxes galore.

There are some decisions for me to make.  Do I stay in my own place?  Do I move in with Beau?  What do I do with my place if I move in with Beau?  To tell the truth I’m a little excited to have a whole place to myself again.  Would be great not having to worry about respecting another person’s things, space, and schedule.  I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

The flip side of that is the both of us will probably spend a lot of time traveling between each other places.  One of us will be living out of a bag no matter whose place we stay.  Also, we’d be paying expenses for two places.

I’m not sure what I want to do with my condo either if I move out.  I had briefly thought about doing an executive rental on my own.  However, after doing the cleaning and renting for Sis and my places, I can’t imagine having to clean and deal with customers on a regular bases.  A good idea would be to sell it.  I see a lot of condos being built in Calgary, and although my building is pretty swank when it was built I don’t think it can compete with the newer condos as time goes on.  But I’ve to reconcile myself to taking a small loss on the place. 

Also I just want Beau to make a big deal and ask me to move in with him.  The first time he moved in it just happened.  I consider it a pretty big milestone for us but we did not even properly mark the occasion.