Sunday, September 23, 2012

Buying a Coupon book

Beau and I decided to get what is the equivalent of a Entertainment coupon book.  Originally we were going to get the Entertainment book which is around $45, although if you watch out for deals and buy through Great Canadian Rebates you can get it for significantly less.  However, just as I spotted a deal that would get me the book for the low price of $30, my coworker at work mass emailed about selling another coupon book SUTP, which is only available in Alberta.  All the coupons we were looking for are on this book and it only cost $20.  Cheaper and supporting a local school.  Sold!

Just for fun I am going to track how much we save over the course of the year out of this booklet.  We did make a rule: just because there is a coupon doesn't mean it's a deal.  Basically reminding us to really think about if something is a good deal.  Follow along on the side bar.