Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Open box/display units

I’ve been a bad planner.  I completely forgot that if I renovate a kitchen and add in a dishwasher and hood fan, I actually have to buy and pay for said dishwasher and hood fan.  So this week when my renovator calls and says Rental A kitchen is now ready for installation of hood fan and dishwasher I was not prepared.  I did not do the research and price comparisons.  I don’t have time to wait for the sales and discounts.

After a  quick tour of the usual suspects like Sears, The Brick, Trail Appliances, and Ikea.  I found the cheapest and best options.  Believe it or not Sears actually have some very cheap but good appliances, if you are not looking for all the bells and whistles.  I found a Sears over the rand microwave for $200 and dishwasher for $350.  Ikea also have a pretty good over the range microwave for $200.

Sadly, Sears doesn’t carry anything in stock and it was going to be a week wait for delivery.  As I was about to grab option two – Ikea – Beau called.  He suggested looking at Future shop because he saw some that were reasonably price when he was there early in the day.  Since there is a Future shop next door I walked over.  JACKPOT!  They had a over the range that is being discontinued, so I got the display unit for $190 ($100 discount).  Also, I bought a dishwasher that was open box for $250 ($120 discount).  The sales guy took everything down and we manage to fit both into my Honda Fit.  No delivery charge.  Is it weird that saving lots of money give me a high?