Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Worth it or not

The girl whom I work the data entry job with found out that I am a professional and questioned if it was worth it for me to do this data entry job.  People tend to value their time by how much they make at work.  For example, if you make $60/hr.  Then every minute should be valued at  $1 a minute.

It makes sense to a certain point but not always.  I'm salaried.  If I work an additional hour it's is for free.  So I cannot value my free time that way.

When we decided whether or not to paint the house ourselves.  We decided yes.  The rationale is that we would have used our weekend sleeping in, eating out, shopping and generally not doing much..  Better off saving ourselves a couple thousand dollars.

When I decided whether or not to get a part-time job it was a tough one.  I like part time jobs because it's low stress and I usually choose something that's completely different from what I do everyday.  However, I decided against it because of the regular time committment.  It was better for me to take a class that has to do with my career development or joing a sports league.  I will probably revisit this decision once in awhile depending on changes in my life.

When this data entry gig came to me.  It was again different.  Because it was super flexible and only a short term commitment.  I can work whatever hours I want for a month.  It is a lot less than my hourly rate but I could not make this extra money at my regular salaried job.   It is a little something I can put in my treat yourself fund for some guilt free spending.