Monday, December 3, 2012

Old tenants out new tenants In

It has been a busy weekend last weekend for Beau and I.  We had old tenants move out Friday November 30, and new tenants moving in Saturday December 1.  So after work in a few short hours we had to clean the place, including washing the carpet in one room, move the old fridge out, and receive deliver for a new fridge.

The old tenants were pretty good about leaving the place clean except for said carpet in one room.  I didn't really want to deduct them any money for that because they put up shelves in the kitchen and clean the garage.  Also, with carpet I feel if it's not done right and dried properly it could leave to issues later one, so I'd rather do it myself.  I have told Beau that when it comes time to replace the carpet, I'm going with laminate floors.  It's much cleaner, and easier to clean than carpet.

The new tenant were pretty happy with the shiny new fridge.  I think they were surprised that I gave them a new fridge.  But the old fridge was close to retirement when I checked, it had three shelves left and one of them was broken.  It was time.  I ordered it online from Sears which has pretty cheap fridges if you are not looking for all the bells and whistles.  Using Great Canadian Rebates I got a little cash back rebates as well.