Saturday, August 31, 2013

Smocking - a Project Idea

It long weekend and for once I have a fairly free weekend.   I’m taking a day to relax, catch up on my reading, and browse the web for some craft ideas.  I’ve been looking for awhile for craft project ideas.  I’m looking for something I could work on that’s a little creative, gives me a new skill, and produces something.   A little searching and a little reading later I landed on this smocking website.

This intrigues me.  Smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabrics.  The practical reason is so the outfit can stretch (useful before the days of elastic).  But there are some great patterns that can add some depth and interest to a dress or skirt.   My favorite so far is the honeycomb pattern, which I think would make a dress look great if added in just the right way, or on an accent pillow. 
That being said.  We need to learn to walk before we run.  Since I don’t have any sewing experience what so ever, I’m considering one of the beginner patterns on this site before I move to attempting something more ambitious.  With plenty of friends with kids, I think a little handmade dress would be just the birthday gift. For a beginner it is nice and convenient for me to be able to order everything I need to get started at this one site.  That way instead running all over town to gather what I need before I can even start I just concentrate on learning the skill.

Of course this site has lots of choice to offer for those experienced crafters out there.  There are patterns, books, pleaters, needles, piping, and garment labels to list a few.  You can find the Amanda Janepleater accessories and more at  It is the only source for these Amanda Jane Pleaters.