Sunday, August 31, 2014


Today Beau and I went out for lunch.  It was one of those malls with outside parking.  So we parked and walked towards the restaurant.

Turns out it was closed so we turned and were on our way out of the mall, when we run into this older lady.  Her face was all red and she looked very angry.
"Did you do that on purpose!?" She says to us.
"Do what on purpose?"  Were were very confused.
"Turn on your car just as I am walking by.  I nearly had a heart attack?"
"...." Confusion for a few seconds.  Then realization she's talking about what happens when we lock our car with the remote.  i.e. the car beeps once, and the lights flash once.
"Um.  That's what happens when we lock our car"
Angry look from lady and she walks away.

We put it down to a crazy encounter and left.

But afterwards I thought how sad, that she would assume that complete strangers would waste the time and energy to do something to her that is of no value what so ever to themselves?  What a messed up way to view and interact with the world.