Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome Wagon

I vaguely remember someone saying that when you have a baby, you get sent a welcome basket.  I thought it was from the government.  So my first Google searches for for the welcome basket from the government.  I didn't find one.  But if anyone knows of one please share.  On an interesting note, here is the maternity gift box that people in Finland get, which is awesome.

Back on topic, more searching on the web and I think this Welcome Wagon is the one.  You can sign up for a Welcome Wagon for yourself or for someone else for occasions like Moving into a new community, getting married, expecting a baby, 50+, or becoming a new executive.

Mom and dad got a Welcome Wagon when they moved into their new house last year so I have an idea of what is included.  There are a lot of coupons for services local to the community.  For the expecting a baby one, you sign up to go to an local Welcome Wagon Baby Shower, where you get a gift bag, entry into door prizes, and visit with local vendors.  I'm thinking it'll be very commercial but I'm going to take a look anyway. There isn't one in our city until November so will update when I go.

Also, the website said we can check with our hospital to see if Welcome Wagon visits.  If so, they will visit with a gift package when you give birth.  If not, you can also sign up for an in-home visit.