Thursday, September 11, 2014

After the Summer Snow

Today is a lovely day with sunshine and warm weather.  But of course yesterday in Calgary, it was a completely different story.  Three of our rentals had snow/tree related problems.  For one, the branches fell due to the heavy snow and knocked out the power line.  We have to call 911 and our utility company to get the power restored.  Koodles to Enmax our utilities company.  According to the news there were 30,000 homes without power, so we thought it would take some time before they can get to us.  But they were there and had power restored by 5pm.

Then the other two also had branches that fell due to heavy snow.  So today, Beau and his buddy were hard at work dealing with all the fallen branches.   We have to budget for cutting down trees as a preventative measure, and for fixing the outside of the house because the downed power line ripped out stucco etc.

Looking forward to a nice and boring weekend.